Criminal Justice Reform

Over the last several years it has become apparent that police agencies nationwide have a community relations problem.  While Delaware police agencies rarely see the kinds of abuses we have become all too accustomed to seeing on the news from other parts of the country, there is still work that can be done to ensure that our police have the public's trust to do their jobs, and to do their jobs effectively without harassment and unnecessary confrontations with peaceful residents of our State.

One thing Joe would do differently is that he would wholeheartedly support the recent and ongoing efforts to end cannabis prohibition and create a legal, regulated market that would provide revenue to Delaware instead of to neighboring states and drug cartels.

Joe would encourage reforms to the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights (LEOBOR) that gives police special protections not available to regular people when they are accused of wrongdoing.

Joe would advocate for exemptions to qualified immunity and civilian review boards to ensure that the public can have confidence that justice will be served on those occasions when police officers overstep their bounds.

Joe would help to improve public trust in police agencies by supporting accountability.