Public Transportation

While many jobs in the new economy can be filled by employees and contractors working from home, much of the service economy still requires commuting to work and serving customers face to face.

Facing inflationary pressures from the global environment, many of those who work the hardest to provide the conveniences of modern life are barely able to make ends meet.  The price of gas, housing near commercial centers, and everything else we rely on to survive and thrive is getting more expensive.

Convenient and accessible public transportation would go a long way towards reducing the cost of living, as well as providing environmental benefits to local communities.  Joe would work with the Department of Transportation to ensure useful Dart routes throughout Sussex County and protect private ride-sharing services from being regulated out of existence.

In doing so, Joe would ensure that our economic engine is not cut off from our workers by traffic and congestion and escalating fuel costs.

Joe would promote public transportation as well as private ridesharing.