Water Quality

As a Millsboro resident, Joe noticed severe issues with water quality when his roommate's dog, Odin, became extremely ill.  Following a recommendation from a friend, they started giving Odin bottled water instead of the water from their tap.  Within weeks, Odin made a full recovery, but the issues with water quality in Sussex County became starkly apparent.

While attending a meeting of the House Administration Committee in late June, Joe gave public comment in support of HB220, which would have been the first leg of an amendment to the Delaware Constitution guaranteeing residents a right to clean air and water, without having those rights degraded and abused by local polluters with the approval of local regulators.

While this bill was not released from the Committee to go before a vote of the full House, Joe remains committed to fighting for better water quality in Sussex County and throughout our State.

Joe will fight for clean water and a cleaner environment.